Using Social Media for Enhanced Situational Awareness and Decision Support

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has released a report entitled, “Using Social Media for Enhanced Situational Awareness and Decision Support.” Historically, the emergency response community has leveraged multiple data sources, including land mobile radios, maps, computer-aided dispatch, crisis management systems, traffic cameras, geographic information systems, and windshield assessments to collect information. Now, responders can leverage social media as well, both to communicate and to gather and share real-time, dynamic information to enhance situational awareness and assist in decision-making. This report discusses examples of how agencies currently leverage social media to enhance situational awareness and support operational decision-making, as well as challenges and potential applications. It also identifies critical areas requiring further consideration and research to address key technology, process, and policy gaps. View the report now.

For more from FEMA about social media in emergency management, view the June 2013 report, “Lessons Learned: Social Media and Hurricane Sandy.”

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