U.S. Surgeon General: Let’s Turn the Tide on Opioid Epidemic

Last month, the United States Surgeon General, Vivek H. Murthy, M.D., M.B.A., released a letter to more than 2.3 million health care practitioners and public health leaders across the country to seek help in addressing the prescription opioid crisis. The letter overviews how the country ended up in this crisis and highlights the new “Turn The Tide” campaign website, which contains practical tools and resources for clinicians, as well as on-the-ground stories from clinicians of their own experiences in treating patients and their pain. The letter also urges healthcare and public health professionals to pledge their commitment to turning the tide on the opioid crisis.

NACCHO encourages our local health departments to join this national effort and be a part of the solution by reading the letter, taking the pledge, and spreading the word to provider communities in your jurisdictions. As public health professionals and health care practitioners, we can lead the nation to turn the tide on this epidemic.

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