Project Public Health Ready (PPHR) October Report

NACCHO held the Fall 2014 PPHR National Review Meeting October 15-16 in New Orleans. At the meeting, 50 PPHR reviewers came together to finalize their evaluations and requests for additional evidence for the 33 PPHR applications currently under review. Reviewers also provided NACCHO with feedback on the PPHR review process and criteria based on their experiences. Following the reviewer meeting, a PPHR state lead meeting and debrief was held from October 16-17. The state leads discussed challenges and strategies for implementing PPHR in their states, as well as alignment with national programs such as PHEP and PHAB. During both meetings, NACCHO staff facilitated a timely public health event discussion on the Ebola virus to address local level concerns and preparedness strategies.

The evaluations and requests for additional evidence for the 2014 PPHR applications will be shared with the applicants on November 3. Applicants will have until November 6 to edit their applications and return them for reassessment.

In addition to providing technical assistance to 2014 applicants, state leads, and reviewers, NACCHO staff has begun working with prospective 2015 applicants as they begin preparing for the next review cycle.  All Fall 2015 applicants must declare their intent to apply by October 31. NACCHO also continues to promote PPHR and PPHR re-recognition to prospective applicants for future review cycles.

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