New York, New Jersey Bombings: Community Preparedness Resources for Terrorism-Related Incidents

In the aftermath of this Saturday’s active explosions, now likely linked to a joint terrorist attack, occurring in Seaside Park, New Jersey and Chelsea, New York – NACCHO remains committed to providing resources for organizations to help in their response to this ongoing public health challenge. To support its member public health departments, NACCHO provides resources, training, and guidance related to Suspicious Activity Reporting, Terrorism-Related Events, Explosive Devices, Psychological First Aid, and Risk Communications. Below is a consolidated list of related resources for public health and healthcare communities. As an additional recommendation, NACCHO urges health departments to partner with other community agencies (e.g. local fire department) also tasked with handling the local emergency response.

Suspicious Activity Reporting and Terrorism-Related Resources

Risk Communications Resources

Psychological First Aid and Mental Health Resources 

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