New Webinar Focuses on Legal Aspects of Raw Milk

NACCHO and the Network for Public Health Law last week hosted “Legal Aspects of Raw Milk,” a new webinar that provides a general overview of raw milk regulation in the United States, as well as a detailed account of recent raw milk regulations and outbreaks in Utah. The webinar is now archived and available through NACCHO’s website.

Raw milk safety and regulations are increasingly of interest to public health and food safety professionals. Mat Swimburne, an attorney with the Network for Public Health Law, touches on the legal aspects of raw milk and shared information related to the history and current status of regulations. Kenny Davis, an epidemiologist with the Utah Department of Health, discusses the recent outbreaks seen in his state, the underreporting of raw milk outbreaks, and the regulations in place in Utah.

The webinar drew 171 participants from all over the country, representing all different sectors. Topics and themes covered include new ways for identifying raw milk, the different laws that exist from state to state, and the specific rules surrounding cow sharing. Additionally, speakers identified a number of the important legal issues that public health professionals should keep in mind when dealing with raw milk. Raw milk sales are regulated at the state level, and some allow sales while others do not. However, raw milk sales across state lines are prohibited by the federal government. And, in some states you can purchase raw milk with a doctor’s prescription. There are also differences in the laws regulating raw cow’s milk versus raw goat’s milk.

NACCHO plans to host a second webinar examining raw milk in the coming months which will focus on stories and outbreaks at the local level. Follow NACCHO’s communications channels for updates.

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