NACCHO’s Medical Reserve Corps Volunteer Core Competency Advisory Workgroup

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Workgroup members brainstorm volunteer roles within the MRC

Given the expansion of the strategic vision of the MRC to include both preparedness/response and routine public health activities and advancements in the field of core competencies, NACCHO convened an ad-hoc workgroup in New Orleans on Tuesday, Feb. 25 and Wednesday, Feb. 26. During this interactive workshop, the 10 members of NACCHO’s Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Volunteer Core Competency Advisory Workgroup–comprised of MRC unit leaders and volunteers, regional and state MRC coordinators, Division of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps and NACCHO MRC staff, and academic experts–discussed the process and approach for undertaking the revisions and recommendations of the MRC volunteer core competencies developed in early 2007.

Upon further review of the MRC volunteer core competencies, the workgroup members identified several areas that need to be further explored to help inform their work. Some of these areas include conducting additional surveys, focus groups, and informational interviews to better understand the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to represent the current and future roles of MRC volunteers within the network.

Over the next 6-12 months, the group will continue to work together to take what is learned from additional outreach to MRC volunteers and develop a conceptual framework that lays the groundwork for training and development activities. Additional updates regarding the progress of the workgroup will be provided on an on-going basis. The next in-person meeting for this workgroup is scheduled for April 17 and 18 in Arlington, VA.

Workgroup members

Workgroup members

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