NACCHO Staff Report: 25th Annual EMS World Expo


Date: September 10—13, 2013
Staff Representative: Andy Roszak and Sara Rubin
Member Representative: N/A

This week, members from NACCHO are attending the 25th annual EMS World Expo, North America’s largest EMS event. As EMS continues to evolve and mature as a medical profession, the opportunities for increased collaboration and integration with public health are countless. As boots on the ground, EMS providers have a unique perspective on the health trends and needs of a community. EMS operates at the nexus of healthcare delivery, public safety, and public health, and provides the crucial link between hospitals, first responders, and public health communities. This year’s Expo focuses on improvements in advanced life support techniques and procedures, further integration of information technology into EMS operations, and the role of EMS in public health. To learn more about EMS World Expo, view the video/podcasts from our friends over at MedicCast and search Twitter using  #EMSWorldExpo.

NACCHO supports public health and EMS collaboration, cooperation, and integration. The recent NACCHO publication, Building Partnerships before Disaster Strikes:A Guide for Public Health Preparedness and Emergency Management Leaders and the recent Journal of Public Health Management & Practice article, Improving Community Resilience Through Public Health Preparedness Partnerships explore these issues further and offer suggestions on how to build successful partnerships.

About Andy Roszak

Andrew Roszak serves as the Senior Director for Environmental Health, Pandemic Preparedness and Catastrophic Response at the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO). Twitter: @AndyRoszak

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