MRC Challenge Awardees Gather at the Preparedness Summit


Group photo of the 2013-2014 NACCHO MRC Challenge Awardees

The MRC Challenge Award supports MRC units to develop new projects and programs that can be replicated on a national level. The 29 MRC units that received this award had the opportunity to participate in a workshop held at the Preparedness Summit last week. This workshop kicked off by CAPT Tosatto and facilitated by NACCHO staff members Stacy Stanford, Tahlia Gousse, and Kim Grimmick, introduced awardees to an online tool that will allow the entire networks to see the innovative projects being carried out by these units. This site will also allow awardees to share success stories, identify challenges they encountered, and post photos and videos of their work.

During the second portion of the workshop, the awardees participated in an exercise to listen and learn from each other and provide insights to the rest of the MRC network on their project planning process. NACCHO will take the information from these successful units to help guide the messaging and tool development for the award process in the next project year. Learn more about this year’s Challenge Award recipients and their projects. 

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