Medical Reserve Corps Mobile Application Meeting with Rallyware

Date: Nov. 18, 2013
Staff Representative: Chevelle Glymph, Justin Snair, Alyson Jordan, Shadae Sherrod, Laura Runnels
Member Representative: N/A

NACCHO staff meet with Rallyware

NACCHO staff meet with Rallyware

Members of NACCHO’s Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) team met with Rallyware, the mobile application developers for the new NACCHO MRC mobile application, at NACCHO’s headquarters on Nov. 18. During this meeting, members of the new mobile application steering committee, with representatives from the Division of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps (DCVMRC), MRC unit leaders, local health officials, and NACCHO staff, discussed their wants and needs in a mobile application. The steering committee’s discussion will help inform the functionality of the mobile application. Following the call with the steering committee, NACCHO and Rallyware participated in a phone call with the DCVMRC technology leadership to explore the feasibility of connecting the new mobile application to the existing unit activity reporting feature hosted by the DCVMRC. NACCHO will be providing input and direction for the mobile application throughout Rallyware’s development process, which is expected to begin in December.

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