Medical Countermeasures Workgroup September Report

Chair: Melissa Marquis; Staff: Lisa Brown

The Medical Countermeasures Workgroup held their monthly meeting on Sept. 9. The members discussed the 2014 Preparedness Summit Point of Dispensing Demonstration, specifically, what components should be included in the exercise to evaluate, including registration, triage, medical information, and follow-up. NACCHO will be reaching out to workgroup members in the near future to help with the conceptualization of the demonstration. The members also discussed their involvement in the CDC Phase 3 Medical Countermeasures Plus Readiness Initiative. Each week, the members will review the function of a capability. Additionally, the Medical Countermeasures Workgroup reviewed and commented on the content in the “Whole Community Inclusion and Medical Countermeasure Points of Dispensing Guide: Including At-Risk Communities and the Vulnerable in Planning and Preparedness Activities.” The members also discussed examples of how the budget/staff cuts have affected pandemic preparedness response at a local level for the White House Pandemic Influenza Exercise, and whether or not their health departments would like to participate in the exercise. The revision of the STOCKbox Toolkit was also discussed, and recommendations were made to look at the more recent tools in-depth.

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