Medical Countermeasure Toolkit Undergoing Revisions: Seeking Past Authors and New Submissions

The NACCHO Medical Countermeasure (MCM) Toolkit, formerly known as the Stockbox, is currently undergoing review by the NACCHO MCM Workgroup. Tools which have been submitted as best practice examples are being reviewed for continued relevancy, determination if they still contain novel approaches to MCM operational-based planning and exercises, and overall whether they align with current federal, state, and local goals.

During the initial review process, workgroup members have identified many tools that appear to be outdated. While the tool could still be used as an example, we are seeking to determine if any updates were made to those respective tools by the local health departments (LHDs) who initially submitted them. We would like to have some conversations with the LHD staff who authored or otherwise assisted in the development of the original tool.

In addition to cleaning up the MCM toolkit, this process is allowing for additional tools to be added. Furthermore, with new changes happening nationally regarding the new Operational Readiness Review (ORR) Tool, the workgroup members are seeking novel approaches and identified best practices which align with the ORR’s operational, capabilities-based focus. In addition, NACCHO is also interested in identifying new innovative and/or comprehensive MCM-related resources that address the following areas:

  • At-risk population identification, inclusion, and response resources
  • Long-term MCM distribution and dispensing
  • MCM resources for healthcare facilities
  • Ebola-specific MCM resources for LHDs

To be considered for inclusion into the MCM Toolbox, a new resource should adhere to the standards of the current federal MCM guidance and demonstrate broad applicability to LHDs across the country. New resources may include modifiable templates, adaptable plans or training resources, and innovative planning and response tools.

If you have previously submitted a tool to either the old Stockbox toolkit or the MCM toolkit, and know the tool is either outdated or still relevant, please contact Raymond Puerini at or 202-507-4257. Likewise, if you have an example or tool you would like highlighted as a best or novel practice on the MCM toolkit, please provide Raymond with a brief description of the new resource and your contact information.

Special thanks to Melissa Marquis RN, MS, Public Health Emergency Response Specialist, West Hartford-Bloomfield (CT) Health District, and Chair of NACCHO Medical Countermeasures workgroup for contributing this article.

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