GIS HHS emPOWER REST Service_Public: New Connection Required To Consume “CMS Electricity-Dependent Data” in GIS Applications

Effective February 12, 2019, ASPR updated the name of the HHS emPOWER Program’s Representational State Transfer (REST) Service (formerly named CMS_DME/HHS_CMS_DME_ESRD_onlyAll) to align with the other HHS emPOWER Program tools and resources. This REST Service, provided via ASPR’s GeoHEALTH Platform, allows users to consume the HHS emPOWER Map data layer in their own geographic information system (GIS) application. The data layer displays the total number of at-risk Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Medicare beneficiaries that rely upon life-maintaining and saving electricity-dependent medical equipment and cardiac devices (e.g. oxygen concentrators, electric wheelchairs) in a geographic area, down to the ZIP Code.

Please notify all of your emergency response partners (e.g. emergency managers, EMS, fire, law enforcement, national guard, utility, etc.) and GIS analysts that they must go to the new HHS emPOWER REST Service_Public to connect to the new link and end points. In doing so, partners will be able to continue to gain population-level situational awareness of electricity-dependent populations in their own GIS applications.

Please send any questions you may have to EMPOWER@HHS.GOV and

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