Flu Near You: A Guide to Engaging in Participatory Disease Surveillance

NACCHO has created the new guide, “Flu Near You: A Guide to Engaging in Participatory Disease Surveillance,” to help local health departments get started with the Flu Near You platform to benefit their community’s flu awareness and tracking efforts. Through Flu Near You, thousands of volunteers answer a brief, weekly digital questionnaire about their health for crowd-sourced flu surveillance. Local health departments rely on surveillance systems and timely reports to detect diseases, and the Flu Near You online health reporting system offers a way to engage the community in participatory disease surveillance.

Local health departments can leverage the wealth of data available through Flu Near You as part of ongoing local influenza surveillance efforts. NACCHO is working with the Skoll Global Threats Fund in partnership with HealthMap of Boston Children’s Hospital to explore how local health departments can work with people in their communities to enroll them in Flu Near You and how to use local data.

View this collection of resources and information to help your local health department begin or enhance the work with Flu Near You. Each chapter represents a step that individuals or organizations can take to engage with Flu Near You and includes articles, sample materials, and examples of work that others have done with this platform. View the guide now

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