FEMA Seeks Partners to Gather Community Feedback on Disaster Readiness

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is launching a collaborative effort to gather feedback from communities across the country on the topic of disaster preparedness messaging. The collective data will be used to supplement findings from a 2016 FEMA pilot study, examining how preparedness messages are received and interpreted among populations disproportionately affected by disasters.

To gather local data, FEMA needs the support of local health officials and their preparedness partners to engage their communities in discussion, collect participant feedback and return the results to FEMA staff. Agencies interested in participating and/or looking for additional information should contact Marvin SaintPreux at [marvin.saintpreux@fema.dhs.gov]. All participating partners are asked to submit responses to FEMA by June 25, 2017, and to use the following three resources to guide discussion, and document/submit responses:

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