FEMA Releases 2014-2018 Strategic Plan

In July, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) released its 2014-2018 Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan reflects the priorities, objectives, and outcomes FEMA expects to accomplish to provide the best possible support to the American people before, during, and after a disaster.

On July 31, NACCHO staff attended a FEMA-hosted webinar on the new strategy. Presenters emphasized the “whole community approach” to emergency management – including the role that state, local, and volunteer resources have in response and recovery operations. The webinar also highlighted the following five strategic priorities which will guide the agency as it executes its mission in the upcoming years:

  • Priority 1: Be survivor-centric in mission and program delivery – deliver easy-to-understand and transparent disaster services.
  • Priority 2: Become an expeditionary organization – deliver the right resources, to the right people, at the right time and place.
  • Priority 3: Posture and build capability for catastrophic disasters – identify and address gaps in National Preparedness System planning and enable non-federal resources to respond.
  • Priority 4: Enable disaster risk reduction nationally – make communities more resilient through better decision making, particularly regarding national investments.
  • Priority 5: Strengthen FEMA’s organizational foundation – invest in FEMA’s workforce and analytic capabilities.

The 2014-2018 FEMA Strategic Plan can be accessed here: www.fema.gov/strategicplan.

About Katie Dwyer

Katie Schemm Dwyer is a Director in NACCHO's Preparedness Division. Her work focuses on supporting local health departments strengthen public health preparedness systems through governance, coordination and liaison with federal preparedness organizations, policy, and program management.

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