DomPrep40 Executive Briefing

Date: Nov. 18, 2013
Staff Representative: Naomi Rennard
Member Representative: N/A

The vision for this DomPrep Executive Briefing was to bring together senior management preparedness professionals to discuss results from a recent nationwide survey on resilience. The topics of discussion included: defining resilience and establishing a baseline for achieving it, measuring and mapping resilience efforts, identifying hazards and capabilities to manage them, planning for disasters and investing to maximize resilience strategies, and collaborating within and between agencies, jurisdictions, and other stakeholders. The meeting’s speakers presented a number of ideas on the topic of resilience and focused on the value and importance of measuring resilience in communities. In order to measure resilience, communities must value it, be engaged in preparedness planning, and have systems in place that are addressing gaps in resilience.

About Naomi Rennard

Naomi Rennard, MPH, is Program Analyst for public health preparedness at NACCHO.

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