“Crisis Standards of Care: Lessons from Communities Building Their Plans” Workshop Summary Available

The Institute of Medicine has released the workshop summary from the 2014 Preparedness Summit session, “Crisis Stands of Care: Lessons from Communities Building Their Plans.” This forum furthered the work on Crisis Standards of Care (CSC) and the fair and ethical allocation of scarce resources during a medical or public health emergency.

This session shared lessons and examples from communities who have been working on developing their plans and provided a venue allowing participants to discuss challenges they experienced or are anticipating as they begin this type of planning in their own communities. After hearing lessons from various perspectives including state health, local health, health care coalitions, and emergency medical services, participants had discussions on specific challenges and opportunities for advancement within different disciplines. The discussions highlighted the critical role key stakeholders and facilitators play in developing CSC frameworks within each discipline, and how integrating medical surge plans into the emergency management system could improve disaster preparedness.

View the workshop summary now.

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