CDC Modifies Enhanced Entry Screening for Travelers from Sierra Leone

The CDC and the Department of Homeland Security announced modifications to enhanced Ebola port-of-entry screening for travelers from Sierra Leone effective November 10. This decision follows CDC’s downgrade of Sierra Leone’s travel notice for Ebola from a Warning Level 3 to an Alert Level 2 on November 2, meaning it is no longer recommended that U.S. residents avoid nonessential travel to the county. As a result of this announcement, travelers from Sierra Leone will no longer need to be actively monitored or be in daily contact with their health department. Travelers from Sierra Leone, however, will continue to be funneled through one of five enhanced-screening airports, will be encouraged to watch their health for 21 days, and should contact their local health department if they develop symptoms consistent with Ebola.

This announcement follows the World Health Organization’s declaration that Sierra Leone is Ebola-free on November 7. Screening and monitoring measures are still in effect for travelers from Guinea, including those travelers from Sierra Leone who also traveled to Guinea within the last 21 days.

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