CDC Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Stakeholder Meeting

Date: August 20—21, 2013
Staff Representative: Jack Herrmann
Member Representative: Umair Shah (Harris County, TX)

Highlights: Representatives from public health, healthcare, emergency management, and EMS convened to identify issues and strategies related to the planning and coordination of EMS during events that could potential surge medical/healthcare facilities. The two-day meeting specifically explored opportunities for improving EMS system preparedness, identifying and resolving legal barriers, and improving the overall integration of EMS with the public health and healthcare sectors. Specific workgroups devoted to the above topic areas and issues will be convened over the next year to identify and address next steps.

About Frances Bevington

Frances Bevington is the Senior Marketing and Communications Specialist for Public Health Preparedness at NACCHO. Her work includes emergency and risk communications planning, strategic messaging, and multichannel marketing for the adoption of best practices in public health preparedness. Twitter: @Wilkington

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