CDC Director Discusses Health Security Threats at National Press Club

NACCHO staff attended a briefing hosted by the National Press Club in Washington, DC where Dr. Tom Frieden, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), discussed current health security threats. A focus of Dr. Frieden’s presentation was the spread of infectious and antibiotic resistant diseases, including the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa and recent cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in the United States. To combat this threat, Dr. Frieden encouraged better detection, control, and prevention of infectious diseases through coordinated efforts at the federal, state and local level, and stressed stewardship and innovation when it comes to prescribing and developing new antibiotics. Dr. Frieden concluded his remarks with questions from the audience, many of which were focused on the steps CDC has taken to improve safety and security at its laboratories in light of recent security incidents involving mishandled anthrax and H5N1 (avian flu).

About Katie Dwyer

Katie Schemm Dwyer is a Director in NACCHO's Preparedness Division. Her work focuses on supporting local health departments strengthen public health preparedness systems through governance, coordination and liaison with federal preparedness organizations, policy, and program management.

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