Radiation Toolkit: Resources to Help You Prepare for a Radiation Emergency

State and local health departments have a responsibility to protect the health and safety of the populations they serve following a radiological event. In addition, jurisdictions may be asked to monitor, decontaminate, and shelter displaced populations that evacuate to their region from impacted areas in the event of a large-scale radiological event. While there are many jurisdictions that have developed comprehensive radiation response plans, some jurisdictions are just beginning to address the topic.

Whatever stage of planning or jurisdictional capability level public health planners find themselves in there are a wide assortment of resources available to assist with preparing for radiation emergencies.

For more information on the topics discussed during the National Association of County and City Health Official’s (NACCHO) Radiation Readiness Twitter Chat, please visit the resources below:

Supporting Mass Care Operations and Radiation Sheltering

Dispelling Common Radiation Myths and Misconceptions

Radiation Response Volunteers

Radiation Health Effects and Internal Contamination

Risk Communication and Public Information

General Resources

Beyond the resources listed above, NACCHO can provide technical assistance to local health departments looking to expand their radiation preparedness capabilities. NACCHO can also connect local health departments to the most relevant resources that will aid them in building radiation preparedness plans. In addition, NACCHO has capacity to assist jurisdictions in the development and execution of both discussion-based and functional radiological public health preparedness exercises. For more information or to request technical assistance, contact Raymond Puerini or Alex Harris.

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