The Preparedness Planning, Outcomes, and Measures (PPOM) Workgroup – October 2015 Report

The Preparedness Planning, Outcomes, and Measures (PPOM) workgroup held its monthly call on October 27. The meeting kicked off with an informational update on syndromic surveillance and preparedness.  Sarah Chughtai, Program Analyst at NACCHO, presented on the 2015 Biosurveillance Needs Assessment Survey by highlighting key findings and recommendations. Following the presentation, workgroup members discussed the Project Public Health Ready (PPHR) toolkit.  Prior to the call, each workgroup member was assigned a focus area within the toolkit and was asked to review and identify new tools. During the call, each workgroup member provided an update on their focus area, as well as discussed what tools needed to be removed from the toolkit and what areas still needed new tools identified. Additional updates from the call included NACCHO’s Model Practices, providing feedback on the new preparedness objectives included in Healthy People 2020, and rescheduling both the November and December call due to the holidays.

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