The NACCHO University and MRC-TRAIN Connection: A New Model for Training Volunteers

NACCHO University is a new learning platform offering professional development resources to assist local public health professionals develop their knowledge and competencies while advancing their careers. And now, NACCHO University is connected seamlessly to MRC-TRAIN, the learning management system provided by the Division of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps (DCVMRC) to all MRC units. By establishing a partnership between the two systems, MRC leaders and volunteers will enjoy expanded access to more continuing education opportunities in public health.

Accessing NACCHO University courses from MRC-TRAIN is easy and direct. Login to your MRC-TRAIN account and use the search option to find the desired course. Once you have located the course, select the registration tab on the course details screen and click “Launch.” You will be automatically logged in and taken to the course on NACCHO University. Upon completing the course and any assessment, you will be returned to MRC-TRAIN and your transcript will be updated within the course completion record. This connection underlines efforts to increase available opportunities on MRC-TRAIN and each unit’s ability to access and track volunteer training.

Based on support NACCHO received through its cooperative agreement with the DCVMRC, the MRC-TRAIN and NACCHO University technical bridge is just the first step in educational integration. NACCHO intends to add eLearning courses and supporting materials in 2015, based on curriculum recommendations and a nationwide training framework that is in the process of being developed for MRC volunteers. The DCVMRC also intends to use this system’s integration with NACCHO as a model for other national partners who already have a learning management system in place and want to bring additional providers to their site to expand access to training opportunities.

The MRC-TRAIN Support Desk ( and NACCHO Support Desk ( are available to provide assistance and field questions.

NACCHO would like to thank the DCVMRC and the Public Health Foundation for their contributions to this article.

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