Surge Management Workgroup October Report

The Surge Management Workgroup held its October call on the 27th. After introductions members discussed next steps for the development of a webinar series focused on various subjects in surge management. Participants noted that while they have received interest in the proposed webinar series, it would be prudent to acknowledge current public health events and delay the beginning of the series until Q1 2015.

For the remainder of the call, participants discussed the NACCHO Model Practice Award review process and the development of NACCHO Stories from the Field. Next steps for members are to continue reaching out to subject matter experts to identify topics and potential speakers for the webinar series beginning in Q1 2015, potentially participate in NACCHO-hosted webinars related to the Model Practice Award review process, and identify NACCHO Stories from the Field.

About Geoffrey Mwaungulu, Jr.

Geoff Mwaungulu, JD, MPH, is a Senior Program Analyst for Public Health Preparedness, Law, and Ethics at NACCHO. His work includes identifying and addressing issues related to the implementation of federal preparedness and response policies at the local level, fostering collaboration between local public health and community partners to address community resilience, and leading initiatives related to public health law.

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