Surge Management Workgroup January Report

The Surge Management Workgroup held its January call on the 26th. After introductions, members held a discussion related to the topics that workgroup members are interested in for future conversation. Following this discussion, Carina Elsenboss and Michelle Askenazi provided summaries on the Institute of Medicine Regional Disaster Response Coordination to Support Health Outcomes workshop, which took place in New Orleans in November of 2014.

During the remainder of the call, participants discussed the potential for the Surge Management Workgroup to host a webinar. It was determined by the workgroup that it would host a webinar discussing the intersection between healthcare and public health in surge events in March of 2015.  Speakers, logistics, and promotion of the webinar are to be finalized in early February.

About Geoffrey Mwaungulu, Jr.

Geoff Mwaungulu, JD, MPH, is a Senior Program Analyst for Public Health Preparedness, Law, and Ethics at NACCHO. His work includes identifying and addressing issues related to the implementation of federal preparedness and response policies at the local level, fostering collaboration between local public health and community partners to address community resilience, and leading initiatives related to public health law.

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