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NACCHO needs your help!  In an effort to provide the best technical assistance and resources to local health departments NACCHO’s Preparedness Planning, Outcomes and Measurement (PPOM) Workgroup is seeking to expand and update the Project Public Health Ready online toolkit.  This toolkit serves as a repository of best practices, templates, and samples for a variety of preparedness topics.  Many of the tools are meant to assist Project Public Health Ready applicants with specific criteria elements, however all the tools may be applied to any local health department looking for assistance in all-hazards planning, preparedness workforce development, and exercises or real-event response.  After conducting an assessment of the toolkit PPOM has determined the following areas are in need of new or updated tools, examples, templates, etc.:

Administrative preparedness procedures—Need examples of local health departments emergency administrative preparedness procedures including procedures for expediting the acceptance, allocation and spending federal and or state funds as well as any monitoring procedures.  Additionally, any examples of exercises or real-event responses that included administrative preparedness.

Command and control—Need examples of procedures for establishing command and control for various public health threats and emergency scenarios.

Communications plan example—Looking for a comprehensive communications plan that can be used as an example for other departments.  The plan should include elements like information sharing with partners, emergency public information and warning etc.

Link to existing tools: 1)  2)

Epidemiological surveillance for chemical and radiological hazards—Need tools or examples specific to surveillance procedures for chemical and / or radiological hazards.

Mass care plan example or resources—Need templates, example plans or resources that assist health departments in writing mass care plans.

Services for individuals under isolation and quarantine—Need resources or examples of planning procedures for providing services to any individuals under isolation and quarantine.

Link to existing tools: 1)

If you or your jurisdiction would like to submit one or more tools for consideration please submit the tool(s) to  In your email be sure to include the following: name of tool, brief tool description, author, organization name, jurisdiction size (if applicable), and any relevant attachments or web links.

About Project Public Health Ready

Project Public Health Ready is a competency-based training and certification program that assess preparedness capability at the local level.  The PPHR criteria are national preparedness standards written for local health departments by local health departments.  The criteria are composed of three project goals—all-hazards preparedness planning, workforce capacity development, and demonstration of readiness through exercises or real events—each with its own set of standards that must be demonstrated in order to be PPHR recognized.  The Preparedness Planning, Outcomes and Measurement Workgroup is charged with updating and approving the PPHR criteria on a yearly basis to reflect the most current national standards in preparedness and to better align with other nationally recognized preparedness programs.  For more information on PPHR please email

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