Report: Mass Attacks in Public Spaces – 2018

This information was originally featured in a DHS press release.

On July 9, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin K. McAleenan joined Secret Service Director James Murray and the National Threat Assessment Center’s (NTAC) Chief Dr. Lina Alathari for the release of its annual report on Mass Attacks in Public Spaces (MAPS). The report examines 27 targeted attacks that occurred in public spaces during 2018.

“Mass attacks – whether inspired by hateful ideologies, grievances, or any other motivating factor – shatter the feeling of safety that we typically have in public spaces in the U.S,” said Acting Secretary McAleenan. “The Department of Homeland Security prioritizes the prevention of targeted violence, to include domestic terrorism inspired by all ideologies. Hate and violence have no place in our public spaces.”

“Since our founding after the horrible attacks on September 11, we have often utilized the special resources within the Secret Service to better protect our public spaces. This is because the Secret Service has the most experience at protecting public spaces, and they remain the best at it in the world. Secret Service’s multidisciplinary methodology involves coordination and partnership between law enforcement and others, including workplace managers, school administrators, local officials, and the mental health community.”

View the report.

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