Public Health Law Workgroup May Update

This month, the Public Health Law Workgroup met with Meryl Chertoff of the Aspen Institute to learn more about the Institute’s Excellence in State Public Health Law Program. Through this program the Aspen Institute works with teams in eight states to explore, identify, and evaluate how law and policy can advance state health priorities. The workgroup members discussed with Ms. Chertoff ways that local health departments could become more engaged in these state-level activities either through lessons learned or through direct inclusion in the projects.

About Sarah Yates
Sarah Yates serves as the Program Analyst for NACCHO’s Health and Disability and Public Health Law portfolios. Sarah engages with local health departments and disability experts to increase inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of public health practice. She also works with health departments and legal advisers to increase understanding of how the law impacts public health, and how public health can impact the law.

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