Public Health Law Workgroup July Update

This month, members of the Public Health Law Workgroup and NACCHO staff members worked with CDC and ChangeLab Solutions to deliver a pre-conference session at NACCHO Annual entitled, “Public Health Law 101 for Local Health Officials.” The session was well attended.

During their regular call this month, the workgroup focused on two areas important to public health law practitioners.  First, Jamie Ware of the National Nursing Centers Consortium provided an overview of their Flu on Call™ project looking at expanded scopes of nurse practice laws during emergency. Then, Andy Roszak and Kelly Carlson of NACCHO provided an overview of local regulatory responses to eCigarettes.

About Sarah Yates
Sarah Yates serves as the Program Analyst for NACCHO’s Health and Disability and Public Health Law portfolios. Sarah engages with local health departments and disability experts to increase inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of public health practice. She also works with health departments and legal advisers to increase understanding of how the law impacts public health, and how public health can impact the law.

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