Public Health Associate Program (PHAP) Host Site and Associate Applications Now Open

The Public Health Associate Program (PHAP) is accepting host site and associate applications this month. The next PHAP class will start in October 2018.

PHAP is a two-year, competitive, paid training program for early-career, public health professionals. Associates are employed by CDC and work in state, tribal, local, and territorial public health departments; nongovernmental organizations; public health institutes and associations; academic institutions; and CDC quarantine stations.

Let Prospective Host Sites Know

The host site application period will be open January 2–18, 2018. Prospective host sites must be able to host an associate from October 2018 to October 2020.

There are numerous benefits to serving as a PHAP host site, including—

  • Gaining CDC-funded field assignees who bring valuable skills and who are well-rounded, energetic, flexible, career-minded individuals with unlimited potential
  • Forming a unique partnership with CDC to develop the next generation of the public health workforce
  • Filling workforce gaps caused by budget cuts and staffing shortages

Prospective host sites can learn more about PHAP, how to develop a quality application, and how to ensure a quality associate training experience by listening to the webinar recordings posted on the Become a Host Site section of the PHAP website. Helpful program and application information, including information about eligibility, answers to frequently asked questions, and testimonials from previous host sites, are available on the site.

Let Prospective Associates Know

The associate application period is January 2–8, 2018. PHAP is open to recent graduates with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree (minimum 3.0 GPA required). Candidates must willing to accept a position within the 50 states and the US territories and relocate at their own expense, if necessary.

There are numerous benefits to serving as a PHAP associate, including—

  • Recognition as part of the nation’s leading public health agency; associates receive a salary, paid sick and vacation leave, and health insurance, and have access to federal government support services and resources
  • Formal training in key public health competency areas; associates participate in seminars, workshops, web-based training, and conferences that enhance their basic public health program skills
  • Regular supervisory and mentoring support throughout the program
  • Unique opportunities to build a diverse portfolio of experiences in the day-to-day operations of public health programs, qualifying them to compete for entry-level career positions at CDC or equivalent positions in other public health organizations

Prospective associates can learn more about the PHAP application process, discover the benefits of joining the program, find answers to frequently asked questions, and read about associates’ experiences by visiting the Become an Associate section of the PHAP website. Associate applications will be accepted via

Those with questions about PHAP or the application process can call 404-498-0030 or send an email to

PHAP is a valuable part of OSTLTS and makes a vital contribution to the public health field. Thank you for your ongoing support of this program.

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