Project Public Health Ready (PPHR) September Report

September launched the review process for the Fall 2016 cycle of Project Public Health Ready (PPHR) applications. In coordination with NACCHO staff guidance and technical assistance, PPHR review teams scored and commented on their assigned applications. NACCHO staff also spent the month preparing for the PPHR National Review Meeting, scheduled to take place on October 18-19 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

After the PPHR National Review Meeting, NACCHO staff will host a focus group to discuss regional preparedness and PPHR. Data gathered from the focus group will help develop criteria and standards for future regional applicants.As part of PPHR’s ongoing evolution, NACCHO is exploring the development of a PPHR regional framework to strengthen future applications and provide additional education and assistance to new cycles of applicants and reviewers.

Project Public Health Ready (PPHR) is a criteria-based training and recognition program that assesses local health department (LHD) capacity and capability to plan for, respond to, and recover from public health emergencies. PPHR aims to protect the public’s health and strengthen the public health infrastructure by equipping local health departments with sustainable tools to plan, train, and exercise using a continuous quality improvement model. Visit the NACCHO PPHR webpage to learn more about applying to become PPHR recognized or an applicant reviewer.

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