Project Public Health Ready (PPHR) September Report

During the month of September, PPHR reviewers began reviewing fall 2015 applications with NACCHO providing guidance and technical assistance to the review teams as they score and comment on their assigned applications. NACCHO staff also spent the month preparing for the PPHR national review meeting which is scheduled to take place on October 14-15 in Denver, Colorado.

NACCHO also released Version 8 of the PPHR Criteria and Version 3 of the PPHR Re-Recognition Criteria, available at: These new versions have been updated to align with the most current standards and federal guidelines, including the Operational Readiness Review Tool (ORR). These criteria will be the standards for agencies applying for PPHR recognition or re-recognition in 2016. Related materials have been updated based on the new criteria, including criteria comparison documents (comparing the new criteria to previous versions) and various other technical assistance documents.

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