Project Public Health Ready (PPHR) November Report

During the month of November, PPHR applicants responded to reviewer requests for additional evidence generated after the in-person review meeting. PPHR reviewers then reassessed their scores for these elements based on the new materials applicants provided, with NACCHO staff providing technical assistance. Reviewers will discuss their adjusted scores with their teammates and reach consensus during conference calls with NACCHO staff in December.

In addition to providing technical assistance to 2015 applicants, state leads, and reviewers, all 2016 applicants have declared their intent to apply for recognition and re-recognition. NACCHO has begun working with these prospective 2016 applicants as they begin preparing for the next review cycle. NACCHO staff have also begun planning for the Annual PPHR State Lead Conference that is scheduled to take at NACCHO headquarters in Washington, DC in February. NACCHO continues to promote PPHR and PPHR re-recognition to prospective applicants for future review cycles.

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