Project Public Health Ready (PPHR) April Report

On April 3, NACCHO held a reception for the 20 agencies that earned PPHR recognition in 2013. The reception took place at the 2014 Preparedness Summit in Atlanta. Dr. Swannie Jett, Vice President of NACCHO, and Steve Huleatt, co-chair of NACCHO’s Preparedness Planning, Outcomes and Measurement Workgroup, took part in the ceremony as each agency received a plaque to commemorate their achievement. PPHR staff also held a forum at the Preparedness Summit for PPHR state leads to share experiences and lessons learned.

Staff continued to provide technical assistance to agencies undergoing the resubmission process this spring and agencies submitting applications in fall 2014. In addition, staff continued recruiting new states to participate in PPHR’s state-supported model.

About Rachel Schulman

Rachel Schulman is a Senior Program Analyst for Public Health Preparedness at NACCHO. Her work includes enhancing and recognizing local public health preparedness planning efforts through Project Public Health Ready and building collaborations between public health and emergency management. Twitter: @rms_ph

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