Preparedness Planning, Outcomes, and Measurement Workgroup April Report

The Preparedness Planning, Outcomes, and Measures (PPOM) workgroup held its monthly call on April 22. PPOM co-chairs Steve Englender and Steve Huleatt recapped the Preparedness Committee meeting that took place on March 31 in conjunction with the 2014 Preparedness Summit. The call also included an introduction to the new Medical Countermeasures Operational Readiness Review tool, which will be presented in detail during the May 14 Preparedness Policy Advisory Group call. The co-chairs also gave a summary of the Preparedness Summit itself, including highlights and novel ideas such as the POD lunch event. Erin Burdette updated the group on policy statements currently under review and next steps for a PPOM policy sub-committee. Rachel Schulman and Resham Patel gave a presentation on Project Public Health Ready (PPHR), and requested suggestions on any updates that should be made to PPHR criteria in the near future. The call closed with a reminder that the advisory group year concludes on June 30; several members will be rotating off and new workgroup members will be chosen soon to begin July 1. The next PPOM call is scheduled for May 27.

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