October 2017 Preparedness Policy Advisory Group Report

On October 11, NACCHO’s Preparedness Policy Advisory Group (PPAG) met for its monthly meeting. The focus of the meeting was on a document developed by NACCHO and the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (NACCHO) to support state and local preparedness officials conduct extended medical countermeasure distribution and dispensing, which was developed to complete recent guidance on long-term dispensing from CDC, which is available through CDC’s On-TRAC portal. PPAG members also discussed public health needs following recent events including hurricanes, wildfires, and the mass shooting in Las Vegas. NACCHO and the Chair of the Preparedness Planning, Outcomes, and Measurement (PPOM) workgroup provided an update on Project Public Health Ready.  The next meeting will occur in November.

The PPAG is comprised of a health department representative from each state and the directly funded cities. The PPAG strengthens the voice of local health departments on national policy issues related to the planning, response, and recovery from disasters and other emergencies.

About Katie Dwyer

Katie Schemm Dwyer is a Director in NACCHO's Preparedness Division. Her work focuses on supporting local health departments strengthen public health preparedness systems through governance, coordination and liaison with federal preparedness organizations, policy, and program management.

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