Nurse Triage Line Project October Report

Staff: Sara Rubin

The Nurse Triage Line (NTL) Workgroup has reviewed a new NACCHO factsheet that summarizes the workgroup’s role in the project. Additionally, the workgroup has also reviewed a Nurse Triage Line issue brief document that summarizes the entire project and how local health departments can become more engaged in NTL-related efforts. The NTL Communications Team is still considering a potential name change for the project and developing a communications strategy. Core project team staff are planning a site visit to United Healthcare’s nurse call center in Minneapolis in December.

About Sara Rubin

Sara Rubin serves as a Senior Program Analyst for Pandemic and Catastrophic Preparedness at NACCHO. Her work includes broadening access to medical care during influenza pandemics, exploring the role of pharmacists in public health emergencies, and exploring mhealth applications for public health. Twitter: @SaraRubin

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