New York City Medical Reserve Corps Volunteers Provide Critical Public Health Services

The New York City Medical Reserve Corps (NYC MRC) is a trained group of more than 9,000 healthcare volunteers coordinated by the NYC Health Department. The NYC MRC stood up in 2004 in direct response to the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and subsequent anthrax threat. Originally a disaster response organization, the NYC MRC expanded its role to include routine public health services in recognition that healthy communities are better able to recover from disasters. Its mission is to build community resilience through regular outreach in underserved communities, offer volunteers valuable opportunities to learn through trainings and exercises and support NYC response operations during a public health emergency.

Watch a video that highlights the critical work NYC MRC does to serve New Yorkers every day and in times of disaster. Their work is only made possible through continued federal preparedness funding. For more information about the NYC MRC, visit the web site.

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