National Preparedness Month 2019: Youth Preparedness

When developing preparedness plans for public health emergencies, it is important to remember that certain community members can be more vulnerable to the negative impacts of an emergency or disaster. Involving the youth population (i.e., children and teens) in preparedness plans is a great strategy to enhance community resilience.

As part of 2019 National Preparedness Month, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Ad Council have launched a Ready campaign with the tagline “Prepared, Not Scared.” This year’s focus is on educating our youth in emergency preparedness and response. is home to a variety of resources that address the unique needs of children during disaster planning, including Ready Kids.

Spotlight Story

NACCHO has a long history of supporting Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) units through capacity-building awards, including project-based Challenge Awards that aim to build community public health, resiliency, and preparedness. Stop the Bleed and Until Help Arrives campaigns encourage the public across the nation to stand up as active bystanders during an emergency event within their community. Green River District MRC Unit #199 in Owensboro, Kentucky has worked with local partners to develop and implement a curriculum for active bystander and preparedness training focused on children. Green River’s project entitled ‘Hero at Any Age’ is geared toward improving children’s awareness of their surroundings through education and visual activities. Continue reading to learn how Green River and other MRC units around the nation have supported and continue to support active bystander trainings.

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