National Preparedness Month 2019: Financing Your Emergency Preparedness

When disaster strikes, it’s good to have a plan. Being financially prepared to withstand a disaster or other emergency is critical for a swift and efficient recovery process. Many individuals and families have had to endure the challenges of rebuilding their lives following a disaster or other emergency. It is important to maintain access to personal records such as finances, insurance, medical, etc. By taking precautionary measures to have this essential documentation readily available, individuals and families can promptly start down the path of recovery.

Get Involved

On Wednesday, September 4 from 1 – 1:30PM ET, FEMA is hosting a webinar entitled ‘Are you financially prepared?’. Register here to attend and learn tips for how to save money in preparation for emergencies and disasters.

Additional financial preparedness resources and associated content are available on, including the Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (EFFAK). Please take the time to improve your personal financial preparedness and spread the word!

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