NACCHO Releases Research Brief Highlighting Local Health Department Emergency Preparedness Activities

In January 2017, NACCHO released findings from the 2016 National Profile of Local Health Departments, a comprehensive survey of local health department (LHD) infrastructure and practice. This newest data was provided by 76% of all LHDs across the United States who responded to the 2016 Profile survey and helped us present a complete and accurate overview of LHD funding, workforce, programs, and partnerships.

Now, a new research brief has just been released to highlight key findings from the 2016 Profile study related to LHD emergency preparedness activities. This Emergency Preparedness and Response one-pager resource can help public health preparedness professionals illustrate how their LHD supports their communities in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from public health emergencies. Among the study findings, 72% of LHDs are involved in policy advocacy efforts related to emergency preparedness, and preparedness services provided by LHDs have expanded over the past two years. Furthermore, although more LHDs are engaging various volunteer groups in their emergency preparedness activities since 2010, more LHDs also do not engage any volunteers. More findings can be found on the NACCHO Profile website, and additional inquiries can be emailed to

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