MRC Project May Update

MRC staff completed the contracting process for the 2013-2014 NACCHO MRC Awards in May, and the MRC awards website was updated with the new profile pages feature. Challenge Award winners have added profile pages to the site so that MRC unit leaders throughout the network can stay updated on developments for the 29 challenge award projects as they progress.

Staff continue to work on education initiatives for the MRC, including the revision of the volunteer core competencies in 2014 and adding new courses on NACCHO University. Several new podcasts were added to NACCHO University featuring speakers from the 2014 Preparedness Summit. MRC staff also conducted several site visits in May, including attending the Operation Medical Base exercise in Camarillo, CA May 1-3 and the Factors for Success New York State Volunteer Leaders Meeting in Syracuse, NY May 28-30.

Planning for the launch of MRC Connect, the new web- and mobile-based application for the MRC, continues as staff work with Rallyware to add more features and content. The application will launch at the end of July, and on June 23, NACCHO will launch pilot testing for the application. On June 20, George Elfond and Mykhaylo Kostandov, co-founders of Rallyware, will discuss how MRC Connect will fit into the suite of other public health preparedness applications during the webinar, “The Use of Mobile Technology in Local Public Health Preparedness and Emergency Response.” 

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