MRC Project April Report

In April, NACCHO announced the release of the “2013 Network Profile of the Medical Reserve Corps” report, the first in-depth study of the MRC network that provides a comprehensive look at MRC unit composition, administration, and community impact. The full report and infographics can be downloaded on NACCHO’s website.

NACCHO MRC staff worked on Project Year 5 (PY5) planning throughout the month of April. To inform communications planning for PY5, NACCHO launched a communications survey to the entire MRC network related to MRC units’ communications needs and preferences. The survey is part of a larger communications audit for the MRC network which will be completed by July 31, with recommendations to be implemented in PY5.

NACCHO MRC staff hosted and attended a number of meetings throughout the month of April. During the 2014 Preparedness Summit, NACCHO MRC staff hosted the MRC workgroup meeting, demonstrations of the MRC Connect application, and the Challenge Awardee workshop. Other NACCHO MRC staff attended the Preparedness, Emergency Response, and Recovery Consortium April 14-16 to meet with unit leaders who presented, and conducted a site visit with the Central Florida MRC. On April 17-18, NACCHO hosted the second NACCHO MRC Volunteer Core Competency Advisory Group meeting in Arlington, VA. Discussion from this meeting will be used to update the MRC volunteer core competencies throughout the summer.

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