Medical Reserve Corps Workgroup December Report

The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Workgroup convened via conference call on Dec. 12. Justin Snair, Senior Program Analyst from NACCHO, was a guest on this month’s call and shared information about an exciting MRC web and mobile application that NACCHO is developing. The application’s purpose is to serve as an event management and reporting tool that can be accessed by unit leaders in the field via a mobile device and has the capability to record and share data in real time. The MRC Workgroup has been invited to serve as the beta testers for the user interface and functionality of the application as the features are being developed. The first beta test will occur during the MRC in-person meeting at the 2014 Preparedness Summit in April.

MRC Workgroup members also discussed the review of its resources for the Factors For Success Resource Toolkit. Several members agreed that a second effort should be made to contact the MRC Network via the MRC Leaders Listserv and solicit resources and best practices that relate to the Factors For Success. Upon collection of these resources, the workgroup can vet the materials and put forth another collection of recommended resources to the Division of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps for inclusion in the Factors For Success resource matrix.

The workgroup also received notification about their abstract submitted for the 2014 Preparedness Summit. Unfortunately, the workgroup’s abstract was not accepted. The workgroup will be revising this abstract and submitting it for NACCHO Annual 2014 in July.

About Tahlia Gousse

Tahlia Gousse is a Sr. Program Analyst on NACCHO's Public Health Preparedness Team. Her work focuses on the Roadmap to Ready Mentoring and Training program as well as general program evaluation and training design.

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