Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Workgroup- May Update

The MRC Workgroup convened via conference call on May 20. On this month’s meeting, we were able to have Alyson Jordan, NACCHO Communications Specialist and Mykhaylo Kostandov, a developer form Rallyware, join us on our call to discuss the latest developments on MRC Connect. There was much discussion about the newest features that have been added to the mobile application since the last demo at the Preparedness Summit. One of the lingering questions that arose from the developers was how to handle accounts: either per unit leader/designated representative or per volunteer. The workgroup was able to provide some very helpful feedback based on their expertise using some of their experiences and challenges they are currently facing in regards to social media in their local jurisdictions and how MRC Connect has the potential to help units overcome social media restrictions set forth by their local jurisdictions.

Another task the workgroup was finally able to close is its Factors for Success Resource Recommendations. The workgroup has been working on this project for the past 18 months. It started out as a resource repository unit leaders can look to find best practices and templates for routine administrative tasks. Today, it has transformed into easily adaptable templates that are aligned with the Division of Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps (DCVMRC) Factors for Success. The workgroup has finalized their recommendations and will be submitting them to the DCVMRC Technical Assistance Coordinator for consideration. The hope is that all 11 templates will be approved and included in the Factors for Success resource matrix housed on the DCVMRC’s website.

About Tahlia Gousse

Tahlia Gousse is a Sr. Program Analyst on NACCHO's Public Health Preparedness Team. Her work focuses on the Roadmap to Ready Mentoring and Training program as well as general program evaluation and training design.

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