Incident Management Workgroup January Report

NACCHO’s Incident Management Workgroup held two calls this month. The first, on Jan. 6, was an abbreviated call to go over the process and responsibilities for conducting reviews of applications submitted to NACCHO’s Model Practices program. Workgroup members were assigned one to two applications on incident management-related topics to review by the end of January.

The second call took place on Jan. 27. Members received meeting updates from attendees at the National Emergency Management Association’s (NEMA) Homeland Security Consortium meeting, the NEMA-ASTHO Joint Policy Workgroup meeting, and the NEMA Emergency Management Assistance Compact Advisory Group meeting. Members also discussed their participation in a NEMA-ASTHO initiative to develop mission-ready packages for public health, as well as the response to the West Virginia chemical spill.

About Rachel Schulman

Rachel Schulman is a Senior Program Analyst for Public Health Preparedness at NACCHO. Her work includes enhancing and recognizing local public health preparedness planning efforts through Project Public Health Ready and building collaborations between public health and emergency management. Twitter: @rms_ph

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