Healthcare Coalition Burn Surge Annex Template

The 2019-2023 HPP Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) requires Healthcare Coalitions (HCCs) to develop a complementary coalition-level burn annex to their base medical surge/trauma mass casualty response plan. This annex aims to improve capacity and capabilities to manage a large number of casualties with incident-specific needs.

According to the 2017-2022 Health Care Preparedness and Response Capabilities, due to the “limited number of burn specialty hospitals, an emergency resulting in large numbers of burn patients may require HCC and ESF-8 lead agency involvement to ensure those patients who can most benefit from burn specialty services receive priority for transport.” (Capability 4, Objective 2, Activity 6).

This burn-focused operational annex complements the HCC’s Response Plan. It is intended to be a high-level, incident-specific response plan, identifying the experts and specialized resources that exist within the HCC or external to the HCC that are available, the mechanisms/ processes that will be used to determine which patients go to which facilities, and an understanding of how many burn patients each community and specialty facility should plan to receive. Each facility is encouraged to develop more detailed policies/procedures that support their individual operations, but that level of detail is not necessary in this annex.

This template provides general headers and descriptions for a sample HCC burn surge annex. The resources used to develop this template include sample HCC plans and the Health Care Preparedness and Response Capabilities.

View the template.

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