Health Care Coalition Influenza Pandemic Checklist

Developed by the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR), the Health Care Coalition Influenza Pandemic Checklist planning tool is intended to assist health care coalitions and their partners in assessing their preparedness for an influenza pandemic. It may also be used to orient the response as a pandemic begins.

Coalitions may use this tool to identify potential gaps in influenza pandemic planning and drive cross-discipline discussions. This document assumes that the following all-hazards basics are already in place through planning, exercise, and response activities:

  • Incident management structures and principles at the facility, agency, and coalition level
  • Basic information sharing capabilities between coalition partners (e.g., radio, web-based, telephone) and a process for information sharing during an incident
  • Emergency medical services (EMS) mutual aid and disaster response plans
  • Hospital disaster and surge capacity plans
  • Emergency contact/notification list for all partners

View the tool.

Note: The tool is not comprehensive, and jurisdictional and coalition differences in composition, resources, and response will result in significantly different priorities and depth of engagement in many of these activities. The coalition should have already conducted a gap and resource analysis that may have identified issues common to this document (See ASPR TRACIE Coalition Gap and Resource Analysis Tool).

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