FEMA Seeks Public Feedback on the National Preparedness Goal

A working draft of the National Preparedness Goal (NPG), second edition is now available for public review and feedback. As part of a National Engagement Period, this draft of the NPG is being widely distributed for review and feedback. The period for public feedback runs from March 27, 2015 until April 16, 2015.

Revisions are drawn from the findings of the National Preparedness Report, as well as from lessons learned from recent events and the development of additional federal frameworks and plans. With regard to the individual core capabilities, the draft includes the following proposed changes, which providing specific capabilities for fire, law and EMS:

  • Screening, Search, and Detection (Prevention and Protection) – definition updated.
  • Access Control and Identify Verification (Protection) – definition updated.
  • Physical Protective Measures (Protection) – definition updated.
  • Risk Management for Protection Programs and Activities (Protection) – definition updated.
  • Environmental Response/Health and Safety – definition updated.
  • Fire Management and Suppression (Response) – new core capability.
  • On-scene Security and Protection (Response) – retitled as On-scene Security, Protection and Law Enforcement.
  • Public and Private Services and Resources (Response) – retitled to Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Management; definition updated.
  • Mass Care Services (Response) – definition updated.
  • Public Health and Medical Services (Response) – Retitled to Public Health, Healthcare, and
  • Emergency Medical Services; definition updated.
  • Health and Social Services (Recovery) – definition updated.

The draft NPG and an accompanying feedback from to submit comments are available here: http://www.fema.gov/media-library/assets/documents/103912

About Rachel Schulman

Rachel Schulman is a Senior Program Analyst for Public Health Preparedness at NACCHO. Her work includes enhancing and recognizing local public health preparedness planning efforts through Project Public Health Ready and building collaborations between public health and emergency management. Twitter: @rms_ph

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