DHS Releases First Responder Guidance for Improvised Explosive Devices and Active Shooter Incidents

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in coordination with the Departments of Defense, Health and Human Services, Justice, and Transportation, has released “First Responder Guidance for Improving Survivability in Improvised Explosive Device and/or Active Shooter Incidents.” This first responder guidance provides evidence-based response strategies based on best practices and lessons learned from civilian and military IED and/or active shooter incidents. The recommendations presented–early, aggressive hemorrhage control; personal protective equipment (which includes ballistic vests, helmets, and eyewear); and greater first responder interoperability and incident management–will help to save lives by mitigating first responder risk and improving the emergent and immediate medical management of casualties encountered during IED and/or active shooter incidents.

For more information on this new guidance, please contact the DHS Office of Health Affairs.

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